Ordres de Batailles
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Ordres de Batailles

Les ordres de batailles des guerres de la révolution et napoleoniennes
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 Gross Zecker. November 8th

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Gross Zecker. November 8th Empty
MessageSujet: Gross Zecker. November 8th   Gross Zecker. November 8th EmptyMar 31 Mar - 14:56

This very small skirmish occurred south of the manor Gross Zecker, when captain Steffens of Davouts staff, along with a small force, were sent to get some maps and papers the Marshal needed. The forces captain Steffens had at his disposal consisted of Fynske 1st, company Wegener from the Slegsvigske jaeger corps, ½ of the 6th hussar squadron and 80 dragoons from Fynske Regiment Light Dragoons. Major Guldberg led the cavalry while the infantry force was commanded by lieutenant colonel Riecker. 24 dragoons and a platoon of infantry made up the vanguard (led by captain Sønnichsen). The force moved by the road through Kogel and Seedorf.
The advance went as planned, and the force reached the hill south of Gross Zecker. There the vanguard came under fire from dismounted enemy cavalry and Tyrolian jaegers, who occupied a ditch and had established a defensive line behind a fence on the hill. Captain Sønnichsen wouldn't leave the hill to the enemy, so he formed the vanguard into skirmish lines and exchanged fire with the enemy forces. The dragoons engaged in the fire fight from horseback. Reinforcement were hurried forward from the main body, to assist captain Sønnichsen, as the hill were needed to cover further operations.
The enemy commander sent most of his infantry and cavalry up the hill and started attacking the Danish forces, which fought a steady delaying action while Steffens managed to get into Gross Zecker and obtain the needed maps and papers. When Steffens returned to the main force the Danes withdrew, covered by fire from the dragoons. The hill was left to the enemy. Casualties on both sides were very few.
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Gross Zecker. November 8th
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