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Les ordres de batailles des guerres de la révolution et napoleoniennes
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 Boden. December 4th

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Boden. December 4th Empty
MessageSujet: Boden. December 4th   Boden. December 4th EmptyMar 31 Mar - 14:57

Having marched from Boden, captain Hoffman's reconnaissance force reached Siebenbäumen. Hoffman found the hamlet abandoned by the enemy, and shortly there after received orders to withdraw, as an attack on Siebenbäumen by the 2nd Danish brigade (stationed in Boden) had been cancelled and the captain´s force were now in danger of being surrounded.
For some time the small Danish force commanded by Hoffman occupied Schiphorst and Steinhorst after having skirmished with enemy pickets. Then it received orders to fall back to Boden and join up with the 2nd Danish brigade. As Hoffman prepared to withdraw his force came under attack from battalion Lüneburg. Hoffman was forced to flee. A brief period of confusion followed as the terrain were covered in a thick fog. After the initial confusion was overcome the Danes managed to form a skirmish line and withdrew while pouring constant musket fire at the advancing battalion. Battalion Lüneburg quickly stopped it´s advance faces with the withdrawing Danish skirmish line and increasing casualties from the Danish fire.
General Dörnberg who had been informed about the Danish force occupying the two towns Schiphorst and Steinhorst, instantly dispatched the Hannoveranian light brigade and the 1st hussar regiment towards Steinhorst, where they skirmished with Danish pickets from the reconnaissance force, before the Danish forces commanded by captain Hoffman managed to join the Danes around Boden.
Later in the day Dörnberg sent Wardenburg's brigade (3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th Russian-Prussian battalions) around Boden to flank the Danish brigade there. But two of the battalions got lost in the fog and started a fire fight with each other. At about 3 in the afternoon the Bremen-Verden battalion were spotted moving out of the fog in line and preparing to attack the Danish line running from Gross Boden to Klein Boden. 5 companies of Fynske infantry regiment were sent along with some jaegers and 60 dragoons to reinforce the Slesvigske battalion in Gross Boden.
The Hannoveranian battalion attacked the Danish centre and was met by a volley of musket fire. The battalion tried rush the most advanced point in the Danish line of defense 3 times. This defensive point was held by the Grenadiers from the Slesvigske 1st and the Grenadiers had no intention of letting the Hanoveranians win. All 3 Hannoveranian charges was repulsed after fierce fighting. Shortly after the failed attacks by Bremen-Verden, battalion Anhalt attempted to move around the Danish right flank, which caused the Slesvigske 1st battalion to fall back while firing at the enemy battalion. General Lasson hurried the 5 companies from the Fynske Regiment Light Dragoons forward to reinforce the Slegsvigske 1st, before the Danish battalion would break and flee.The reinforcement arrived just as battalion Bremen-Verden began a bayonet charge, supported by battalion Anhalt. The Danes stood quiet in the fog and awaited the enemy charge (which they couldn't see due to the fog, but they could hear the Hannoveranian troops yelling and shouting). When the two enemy battalions appeared out of the dense fog, marching forward in line, they were a mere 15 feet from the Danes, who fired a single volley into the leading battalion. The Danish volley was instantly followed by a bayonet charge and the yell "Kongen længe leve" ("Long live the King"). Both the Fynske and Slegsvigske battalion hit the Bremen-Verden battalion, which had been thrown into disorder by the point blank musket volley. The battalion started to withdraw, but it soon resulted in a rout of both the Bremen-Verden and the Anhalt battalions. As the enemy retreated General Lasson led his 60 dragoons in a fierce charge into the fleeing mob of Hannoveranians. The enemy battalions being rushed foreward to Boden as a reserve were first met by the retreating Hannoveranian battalions causing them to fall into disorder, then out of the fog came charging Danish dragoons. The effect were devastating. The Kielmansegge jaegers panicked and fled the field without firring a single shot. Several enemies surrendered, as the cavalry charged through the fog over the fields filled with dead and wounded. The dragoons didn't stop to take prisoners until they had totally routed the enemy. The fatigued dragoons later returned with 3 captured officers and 20 soldiers, their own losses had been 1 wounded and one dead.
The Danes withdrew overnight, bringing with them the 17 wounded Danes and the bodies of 5 comrades. 4 Danes were missing after the confusing action in the fog. The enemy lost 1 colonel and more than 100 dead and wounded. A total 33 prisoners had been taken.

La guerre, un massacre de gens qui ne se connaissent pas, au profit de gens qui se connaissent mais ne se massacrent pas. PaulV
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Boden. December 4th
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