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Les ordres de batailles des guerres de la révolution et napoleoniennes
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 Weisser Hirsch. October 7th

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Weisser Hirsch. October 7th Empty
MessageSujet: Weisser Hirsch. October 7th   Weisser Hirsch. October 7th EmptyMar 31 Mar - 14:55

General Dörnberg was now ordered to perform a reconnaissance in-force, through Hundebusch and then towards the Danish main force near Ratzeburg. He had the following troops at his disposal: Left column: battalion Bremen-Verden, 2nd Russian-Prussian (the black) hussar regiment von Dohna, 2nd Cossack regiment Grebzow and a ½ horse battery, all commanded by Lieutenant Colonel von Dohna (stationed near Segran). Right column: 3 battalions of infantry from the Lützow Freikorps, 1st Russian-Prussian hussar regiment (von der goltz) and 1 battery, all under the command of lieutenant colonel von der Golz (stationed near Klein Zecker and Marienstädt).

Besides the Left and Right column General Dörnberg also had a reserve column compromising Infantry brigade Wardenburg and a battery of artillery (stationed between Zarrebtin and Klein Zecker. Walmoden had taken up a position near Lüttau with the remainder of his corps.
Left column marched through Gudow and reached Brunsmark unhindered. Shortly after the column reached Brunsmark it´s path was blocked by the Jydske Regiment Light Dragoons 1st Squadron. After a brief skirmish von Dohna stopped his advance as darkness fell upon the two forces.

Right column advanced by two roads leading to Kogel. In Sterley they encountered a small group of Slesvigske infantry regiments jaeger company. The jaegers quickly retreated towards Kogel where the commander of the advanced guard, Major Späth, were stationed with the 6th squadron of hussars (von Qualen) and the jaeger company from Oldenborg 2nd battalion. Major Späth retreated with the advanced guard from Kogel at 17:30, to avoid facing a the superior enemy force. He send a dispatch to the Prince of Hessen about the enemy movement. A strong defensive position was established at Weisser Hirsch by the Slesvigske 1st and two cannons. 2nd hussar squadron (Bennigsen) and Slesvigske chasseur corps 2nd were ordered from Salem to Weisser Hirsch to reinforce the Danish defenses located there. All the units currently at Weisser Hirsch dug in and prepared for the oncoming attack. Trenches were dug and manned by the jaegers and the houses were fortified and manned by musketeers. The Prince of Hessen were still not satisfied with the position held by the Danes and he therefore ordered Slesvigske 2nd forward as reinforcement. The prince followed the battalion with his staff and send division quartermaster Scholten to Weisser Hirsch with orders to start offensive maneuvers to recapture Kogel and orders to reoccupy Salem.

This order made Major Späth advance 2 companies and a ½ squadron of hussars to reoccupy Salem, while Slesvig 2nd should fill the gaps in the trenches created by the advance. Schaumberg (commanding the small Danish force advancing from Weisser Hirsch) reached Salem with his small Danish force and occupied the town. He then proceeded to set up a defensive position around the small hamlet. Then he returned to Weisser Hirsch leaving the 2 companies and ½ squadron in the defensive position at Salem.

Major Späth had meanwhile ordered company Lincht and Rambush forward to occupy the pine-woods in front of the Danish position. The two Danish companies encountered the Tyrolian jaegers in the woods and after a brief skirmish the Tyrolians were forced back. The retreating enemy company joined up with its parent battalion and along with the 2nd battalion Lützow it re-entered the woods supported by a group of Cossacks. The 2 Danish companies were forced back, when faced with this numerical superiority. The Danes withdrew slowly pouring a steady musket fire at the advancing enemy. As darkness fell upon the field the enemy battalions and the Cossacks charged from the woods towards the Danish positions around Weisser Hirsch. Musket fire from the companies in the houses and trenches soon disordered the attackers. This was noticed by first lieutenant J. Ewald who (after seeking permission from Major Späth) led a ½ squadron of hussars and the troops of the 6th squadron in a charge against the disordered enemy. The Cossacks and the 1st Russian-Prussian hussars were taken by surprise by the sudden Danish counter attack and fled, leaving the advancing infantry to be cut down by the attacking Danish cavalry. The advancing infantry battalions, suddenly lacking cavalry support disintegrated. Most of the allied troops made it to safety in the cover of darkness. The allies suffered heavy casualties and lost a number of troops as prisoners. Among the dead were the commander of 1st battalion Lützow, who had been killed by the charging Danish cavalry. Among the prisoners were 2 officers, 18 wounded and 34 unwounded of other ranks. The Danish losses were 6 wounded (1 non-commissioned officer officer, 2 chasseurs, 2 musketeers and 1 hussar).

After this discouraging result of 2 days fighting near Ratzeburg, Walmoden abandoned all his plans for an attack on the fortified position of Danish troops.

La guerre, un massacre de gens qui ne se connaissent pas, au profit de gens qui se connaissent mais ne se massacrent pas. PaulV
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Weisser Hirsch. October 7th
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