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Les ordres de batailles des guerres de la révolution et napoleoniennes
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 Gudow. September 26th.

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Gudow. September 26th. Empty
MessageSujet: Gudow. September 26th.   Gudow. September 26th. EmptyMar 31 Mar - 14:53

General Vichery had ordered a reconnaissance force to move from Mölln towards Gudow. The reconnaissance force consisted of 3 French voltigeur companies and squadron Wittrog of the Jydske Regiment Light Dragoons.

The French voltigeurs deployed in the terrain and prepared an ambush position just south of Lehmarde, which were heavily occupied by enemy Cossacks. The Danish light dragoons rode directly towards the town, making sure to be seen and heard by the enemy Cossacks. When the Cossacks came charging out of the town, towards the dragoons, they quickly turned their horses and retreated luring the Cossacks into the ambush prepared by the French troops. The ambush didn't work exactly as planned as young inexperienced French troops started firing too early. Several of the Cossacks fell to the French long range musket fire. Their leader, colonel Cheanichew had his horse shot from under him, and had to cling to one of his horsemen to avoid being captured. The disordered Cossacks turned and fled towards the town. The Danish cavalry, being exceptionally well drilled, had quickly reformed and charged towards the disorganised fleeing Cossacks, who they caught in the overgrown terrain near Gudow . The numerical superiority of the Cossacks were useless as the terrain prevented them from surrounding the dragoons. After a brief fight with sabres the Cossacks routed through the town, pursued by the Danes, who during the following pursuit killed quite a number of the fleeing Cossacks.

The Danes captured 5 Cossacks and 10 horses. After the engagement General Vichery (who at this time had grown very fond of the Jydske Regiment Light Dragoons) wrote the following to the Prince of Hessen:

"I am pleased to inform your Highness, that the Danish squadron Wittrog made a most spectacular and heroic attack near the hamlet of Gudow. 60 of these brave dragoons attacked about 300 veteran Cossacks led by their colonel and routed them totally. They killed several and wounded quite a few, captured 10 horses and 5 Cossacks. I cannot praise this regiment enough or their most capable leader."

La guerre, un massacre de gens qui ne se connaissent pas, au profit de gens qui se connaissent mais ne se massacrent pas. PaulV
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Gudow. September 26th.
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